Angel-studio (2)

Angel Gómez was born in Carbonero el Mayor (Segovia) Spain in 1942. As a technical architect student in Madrid, his interests turned to painting in earnest after being exposed to the great Spanish masters of the Prado and Reina Sofia museums. He attributes his artistic approach and themes to this formative period.

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Gómez’s canvases were filled with familiar images of slate roofs over centuries-old stone buildings with stone-carved archways and wrought iron railings, narrow cobbled streetscapes in sun-dipped colors of gold, blue and purple. Rich, bold brush strokes created vibrant “paisajes” (landscapes) of Spanish countrysides.

However, since Gómez’s arrival in Canada in 1980, and as one vastly influenced by his surroundings, he has sought to reconcile his Spanish roots with the feeling of isolation he has experienced since moving to Fredericton, New Brunswick, and to describe these experiences in paint.

Gómez’s works became disoriented, abstract, a clash of conflicting ideals and emotions attempting to reconcile the artist’s inner turmoil. Beneath the surface of Angel Gómez’s paintings lay a tension that extended from a sensation of being caught in a web of cultural differences; a tension that has only recently begun to give way to resolution.

The most recent paintings by Angel Gómez trace an experiential path through a landscape of grief and loss and the search for meaning in expressions of hope and love. Where his earlier work contained a multi-layered series of abstract colour planes and framed portals through which viewers entered his spaces, this recent series replaces these perceptual doorways with the recognizable imagery of fruit and flowers.

In these paintings the still-lifes have a personal elegant dimension, but also contain a message of hopefulness and rebirth. It is in the interval between these tensions that Gómez’s work has power and meaning: the tensions between the abstract and the real; between bright hues and deep tonality; between the personal and the symbolic; and between the fragile beauty of the flower and the resilience of the human spirit. To experience Angel Gómez’s new paintings is to pass through metaphorical doorways in order to understand the nature of passing and the progress of love.

The act of painting gives you the freedom to create your own stories. To imagine. To please yourself. A painting … can exist, for its own sake.